MCAA: A global network of researchers


We envision a future in which knowledge will be used to benefit society.


We support, and contribute to, the advancement of knowledge for a global, diverse, and informed society.


MCAA connects researchers throughout Europe, and around the world, to enable international transdisciplinary collaborations.


  1.  Enhance the flow of knowledge across different countries, sectors of the economy, and scientific disciplines
  2.  Encourage networking, cooperation, and mutual understanding among MCAA members, and external stakeholders
  3.  Serve as a forum of debate for researchers and citizens 


The Marie Curie Alumni Association was launched initially as a restricted-access web-site in 2012.  In November 2013, the first general meeting of registered users of this web-site was held in Brussels, this paved the way for the official creation of the MCAA as an AISBL (international not-for-profit association) under Belgian law on 7th February 2014.


Membership of the MCAA is free of charge, and open to any past or present Marie Curie researcher, i.e. any past or current beneficiary of funding under any of the past or present schemes proposed as part of the European Commission's Marie Curie programme, which encourages international mobility among researchers.  Around 100,000 researchers have already benefitted from the programme and this number is rising fast.


The Association is governed by a Board elected by the MCAA members, a small group of Board members constitute an Executive Committee.  Funding and support for the MCAA is provided by the European Commission (Directorate General for Education and Culture), in the form of a service contract set up (following a public call for tender) with Contractor (a consortium of two commercial companies Inova+ and Intrasoft International) who undertakes a range of actions to assist in the creation, development and running of the Association.

Membership Benefits

This MCAA web-portal is the main platform for interaction among Marie Curie Alumni; it is the channel for:

  • Creating and supporting a community of people with common experiences and interests
  • Providing a virtual meeting place and communication tools for networking, discussion, and knowledge interchange
  • Presenting a coherent image of the association, and providing a collective voice via which the Marie Curie fellows can address the wider scientific and research community

The following services are available to MCAA members (i.e. when registered and logged-in):

  • Funding: the MCAA offers opportunities to members to access funding to assist their individual efforts in building and promoting this Alumni community.
  • Alumni Directory: find other researchers through the on-line directory or seek out members in a specific location or area via the map-based search. Keep your own on-line profile up-to-date so your friends and acquaintances can contact you.
  • Group activities: The MCAA has set up a number of thematic working groups, as well as various local membership chapters; more such groups and chapters are planned. Members can also create or join specific on-line groups to discuss common interests.
  • News: There is a News page offering access the latest news about the EU research area and a Calls page offering information about EU calls for proposals. An events page offers a calendar of events of potential interest to members, and allows members to share their own events with others. There is also a regular on-line newsletter for members
  • Employment opportunities: the Jobs page offers a range of information about open posts all over Europe.

These services are just a start, and preparations are underway for a wider range of useful features, benefits and services for all MCAA members.

Register Now
MCAA membership is free of charge.
 You simply need to complete the registration form. To identify yourself as a genuine Marie Curie participant, we will need you to provide at least:
  • The name – family name and first name(s) – under which you undertook your Marie Curie experience.
  • A valid e-mail address to which we can send membership information
At least one of the following:
  • Your Marie Curie grant agreement contract number
  • Your Marie Curie proposal number
  • Your Marie Curie project acronym
At least one of the following:
  • The scientific panel (scientific area) under which your Marie Curie proposal was evaluated
  • The specific Marie Curie Action under which you received support

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