Parallel Session 2 - #DemocracyAtRisk - How social media challenges the democratic process.

Saturday, 28 March, 2020 - 14:00 - 15:30
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From automated bots influencing elections worldwide to digital democracy platforms, the democratic landscape of the western world is being challenged by new communication media forms. Even if the Cambridge Analytica Scandal was a wake-up call, the diffusion of false news on social media and political campaigns targeted through data mining has not halted and threats to the democratic process are more pressing than ever. On the other hand, a growing population of young citizens engages in the political debate on social platforms, craving to voice their opinion through new-born forms of participative democracy. We will discuss the bad, the good and the ugly of the influence of the digital industry. How are social media employed in political campaigns, both from external parties and internal political figures? How can we screen ourselves from being dragged in the flow of misleading information? What is the role of research in providing pointers to governments and institutions? What are the responsibilities of industry giants like Google and Facebook? Come and listen to experts that study the effects of the digital revolution computational propaganda. Hopefully, we will discover that democracy is still safe, or what we can do to prevent its fall.



Giuseppe Porcaro
Giuseppe Porcaro leads the outreach activities of Bruegel, including communications, media, events, and publications, as well as membership relations and the related support to the governance of the organisation. Giuseppe has been at Bruegel since 2014, and until December 2019 served as Head of Communications and Events. Giuseppe holds a Ph.D. in Geography of Development at the University of Naples "L'Orientale". He has been Secretary-General of the European Youth Forum between 2009 and 2014 and previously worked at the World Bank in Kosovo and Paris as well as the European Office of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement. Giuseppe's research interests lie with issues related to technological changes and how they affect policymaking and democracy, as well as European public opinion and discourse analysis. He is also a science-fiction writer, author of a novel about Europe and the future of democracy.