Parallel Session 2 - Intercultural Competences in a Multi-Cultural Workplace

Saturday, 28 March, 2020 - 14:00 - 15:30
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In today’s globalized context, linguistic and cultural diversity is a major challenge for teams operating across borders. Globalization, along with the plurality of languages and mobility of persons, carries the risk of communication breakdown, misinterpretation, and ultimately, that of conflict and violence. This session aims to raise awareness of how multi-cultural skills are an essential aspect of effective communication in intercultural encounters. Participants will be asked to consider various definitions of ‘intercultural encounters’, to reflect on their own experiences of misunderstanding related either to language, hierarchical structures, gender or social codes of conduct, and refine their own thinking about what effective intercultural communication involves. In addition, analyzing their own and others' intercultural experiences while learning from these situations, will help participants to think about their role as social actors in promoting new ideas and fostering the international knowledge generated in mixed teams. Members of this session will address the question of how individual competences and teamwork experience can be used to optimize intercultural collaboration and the circulation of ideas in mixed teams. Finally, the panel members will draft the outcome of the discussion as a basis for a future MCAA project on intercultural competences in the workplace.