Parallel Session 4 - Science careers in the Balkans: Visible and invisible barriers

Sunday, 29 March, 2020 - 09:00 - 10:30
coming soon

This session will offer an interactive round table discussion on the challenges that inhibit career progression in science in the Balkans. We will discuss the "visible" barriers to effective science, notably the low investment in science, the lack of large-scale research infrastructure, and absence of reliable career pathways for mobile scientists, while also examining currently underreported and/or "invisible" issues such as workplace mobbing, nepotism, corruption in academia, and entrenched hierarchical vertical structures which hinder career breaks or two-way transfer between academia and industry. Examples of these challenges include the scandals in academia that have recently hit the region related to plagiarism and academic integrity. To date, there has been no substantive national or regional initiative to address these issues, or to drive significant change research cultures or working practices in line with European RRI standards.
The MCAA Western Balkans Chapter has partnered with the MCAA Policy Working Group to propose this panel discussion, including dynamic interaction with the audience via Twitter and Slido. We aim to identify the most immediate steps required to drive change in the culture of research in the Western Balkans and how they should be implemented.