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The ability to manage research successfully is vital to every researcher’s career. With a learning-by-doing approach, the goal is to enable postdoctoral researchers to turn their funded European project into a successful executed project and obtain the neccesary skills and tools to cope with the challenges of managing European grants. This workshop is an essential resource and practical guide for researchers who are responsible for coordinating projects among different departments, executive levels, or projects with technical complexity.


The training course will cover a half-day programme with 5 different sessions focused on how to get a project off the ground, do it in a timely fashion, and on budget. The first session will be focused on the scope of managing Horizon 2020 projects, especially Marie Sklodowska Curie (MSC) projects. The second and third session will be focused on a deep vision of research project management: how to create viable objectives and credible budgets for the different specific aims, how to monitor and control the project, what to do if something goes wrong (setting a “plan B”), etc.


The last session of the day will be focused on Time management for researchers, with the introduction of new habits and techniques that can increase researcher productivity in key areas of project execution.

Registration: CLOSED

Thursday, 14 December, 2017 - 09:00 - 18:00
Location City:
Edificio Jeronimo de Ayanz, Calle Tajonar, Pamplona
Universidad Publica de Navarra, Campus de Arrosadia
31006 Pamplona Navarra