In response to the “Public consultation on EU funds” launched by the European Commission, the MCAA Policy Group and the Board have published a Statement on the Framework Programme Horizon Europe that will come after Horizon 2020 (the document referes to it as FP9). 
The MCAA recommendations for Horizon Europe are contained in nine issues, as listed below:

  • Issue 1: Substantially increase research budget to at least €120 billion; 
  • Issue 2: Widen participation of all EU countries in the R&I framework programme; 
  • Issue 3: Improve career prospects for researchers;
  • Issue 4: Implement Open Science;
  • Issue 5: Facilitate long-term financial stability for mobile researchers;
  • Issue 6: Expand support for the mental health and well-being of researchers; 
  • Issue 7: Improve integration of social sciences and humanities; 
  • Issue 8: Promote integration of displaced researchers in higher education institutions;
  • Issue 9: Promoting gender equality and diversity. 

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What’s next? A timeline

  • 23 March 2018: debate on Research and Innovation at the Spring Summit of European Heads of State.
  • 2 May 2018: submission of the EU Budget.
  • End of May 2018: submission of the FP9 draft document.


What you can do
Discussions are still going on and we believe that you have the power to make your voice heard! Don’t hesitate to contact the Policy Working Group:


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What’s next after Horizon 2020? Make your voice heard!