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by Agnieszka Weinar
Post date: 07-06-2019
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Have you ever wondered what the difference between supervising and mentoring is?

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by Anife Ahmedova
Post date: 06-06-2019
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by Pablo Emiliano Tomatis
Post date: 05-06-2019
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1st Latin American MCAA Research Conference DATES: 21 and 22 October 2019

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by Francesco Sanna
Post date: 31-07-2019

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#Business #Project. Please read below and share the link: we need your help! Let's avoid the...

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by Oleguer Plana-Ripoll
Post date: 11-07-2019

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Hello everyone, I have a question related to costs and I wonder whether someone has been in a...

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by Fernando José da Silva Velez
Post date: 16-07-2019
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FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS – Deadline for Paper Submission has been re-extended to July 25, 2019.

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by Maria Magdalena Razalan
Post date: 04-07-2019
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Join us for an afterwork social at Kensington Gardens/Hyde Park London with our friends from

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by Aurelia Chaise
Post date: 18-06-2019
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EXPLORATHON 2019 is coordinated by the Universities of Aberdeen, Glasgow, Strathclyde, St Andrews

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by SR Webmaster
Post date: 04-05-2017

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Closing date is 2017-05-13

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