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The Spain-Portugal Chapter is part of the MCAA and encourages local networking, recruits and attracts new members to the Association, and generally enhances the image of the MCAA within Spain and Portugal.

All MCAA members residing in the chapter’s geographical area can become a member of the Spain-Portugal Chapter.

Membership to a Chapter is free!

We aim to create an interdisciplinary scientific forum in Spain and Portugal, bringing science closer to everyday life. Please join us in these efforts! 

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Membership of the Chapter is free

But we hope you will contribute your energy and enthusiasm to support our activities


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How can we trust systems built from machine learning components? We need advances in many areas, including machine learning algorithms, software engineering, ML ops, and explanation. This talk will describe our recent work in two important directions: obtaining calibrated performance estimates and performing run-time monitoring with guarantees. I will first describe recent work Jesse Hostetler on performance guarantees for reinforcement learning. Then I'll review our research on providing guarantees for open category detection and anomaly detection for run-time monitoring of deployed systems. I'll conclude with some speculations concerning meta-cognitive situational awareness for AI systems. Dr. Dietterich (AB Oberlin College 1977; MS University of Illinois 1979; PhD Stanford University 1984) is Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Oregon State University. Dietterich is one of the pioneers of the field of Machine Learning and has authored more than 200 refereed publications and two books. His current research topics include robust artificial intelligence, robust human-AI systems, and applications in sustainability. Link to the webinar (Webinar's virtual room will be accessible 15 minutes before the announced start): Meeting ID: 803 175 9956 Passcode: 0k7it5

Free Online Course on "Nutrition for Health and Sustainability" (19.07 - 09.08)


Free Online Summer School on Nuclear decommissioning and Waste Management (6-10 September 2021)


Webinar Researchers at Risk: The Journey, Challenges & Opportunities. March, 25th, 2021 at 5 pm - 6.30 pm CET


Dear Spain-Portugal Chapter members,

We invite you to vote in the Spain-Portugal Chapter Chair elections. The poll will be open until the 13th November by 5 pm Brussels time (CET), on the Chapter page.

We sincerely thank candidates for volunteering for this role and for the commitment to the MCAA Community.

For this election, the Spain-Portugal Chapter has three candidates. Bellow are their manifesto: