Baden-Württemberg is one of the leading economic and research regions in Germany and Europe, characterised by its strength of innovation, cutting-edge inventions and high productivity. With more than 70 institutions of higher education and over 100 non-university research institutions and transfer centres, the research landscape in Germany‘s Southwest is outstanding. Whether basic or applied research – here you’ll find both kinds being pursued on the highest level. Bridging the gap between fundamental as well as industrial research and development, our research institutions open up new fields of technology for industry and convert ideas into marketable products and processes. These interconnections of science and industry have made Baden-Württemberg one of the world’s most successful regions.

The Number One - EU’s top region for innovation 

Innovative - 14,608 patent applications (2018)

Investment in the future - € 27.9 billion for R&D (2017)

Leading position - 39 out of 225 funded graduate schools in Germany are in Baden-Württemberg (2019)

Generously funded - Up to € 150,000 per Junior Professorship (competitive process)






  • artificial intelligence
  • sustainable mobility
  • energy
  • Industry 4.0
  • aerospace engineering
  • medicine and medical technology
  • green technology

Baden-Württemberg offers a wide range of highly promising employment opportunities. What makes the region so attractive is the large diversity of companies which also engage in intensive research - an excellent starting point for setting out on a highly successful academic career. 


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