MCAA Newsletter

Dear members,


We are proud to announce that the MCAA Newsletter has been assigned an ISSN number (2663-9483). 

This is an important step for the growth or our association, for it recognises our Newsletter as an official publication. 

MCAA Call to Minimise the Impact of Brexit on Research

The Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) has been following the evolution of the Brexit negotiations with major concern. We join the broader scientific community in emphasising that it is imperative for the UK, and to some extent for the ERA, that research and innovation cooperation programmes between the UK and the EU are maintained after Brexit.

We have over 10 000 members!

Dear Members, we are pleased to inform you that the MCAA has now over 10 000 members!  


The 10 000th member who registered is Dr. Agnieszka Rawluszko-Wieczorek; she is currently working on the KMET-READ project in the University of Stuggart, Germany.


We welcome her to the community, and wish her a lot of success!