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It’s time for researchers to take a survey! Wellcome is inviting researchers to share their ideas about the changes needed in research culture and how excellence should be redefined.

Science will always be competitive, but a relentless drive for research excellence could spell disaster. Current practices which prioritise outputs at all costs may be damaging researchers’ wellbeing and undermining the quality of research.

To help improve the research culture, Wellcome has launched a global survey for those who conduct, support or have recently left the research profession. It’s part of its ambitious Reimagine Research programme.

As explained by the London-based research charity on its website, the new survey is part of wider efforts to transform the current research culture into one that is creative, inclusive and honest.

Jeremy Farrar, Wellcome Director, explains how important it is to rethink our approach to research. “If we want science to be firing on all cylinders, we need everyone in the research system – individuals, institutions and funders – working in step to foster a positive working culture,” he writes in this blog. “Research environments that work well can be inspiring, fun and rewarding places to be, whether you’re working on a life-saving vaccine or garnering new insights into human behaviours. We need to embrace that spirit.”

This is one reason Wellcome is playing an active role in changing and improving the prevailing research culture. “I want Wellcome to lead the way in reimagining research and I hope that others will join us. Further inaction is inexcusable – expectations across society are already shifting but academia is lagging behind,” added Farrer.

Enter the survey. Wellcome is inviting everyone who is engaged in research or supporting it to share their experiences. The findings will be published in a report. Wellcome will also draw on the findings to create a shared set of goals for a positive research environment.

Take the survey

Make your voice heard! Help shape a working culture that is creative, inclusive and honest.

Survey questions range from “Which of the following best describes your current position within the research community?” to “Have you sought or received professional help for depression and/or anxiety during your research career?”

The survey includes demographic questions, as well as some sensitive topics from mental health to bullying. All responses are anonymous and strictly confidential.

Participants who are interested in entering into the prize draw (£350) are asked to submit their personal contact information. These details, however, will not be linked to the responses.

Fast facts

Closing date: 13 October 2019

Completion time: 25 minutes

Prize draw: £350

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