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Finding Dopamine

Using nanotechnology, UCF (University of Central Florida) researchers have developed the first rapid detector for dopamine, a chemical that is believed to play a role in various diseases such as Parkinson's, depression and some cancers.

Are we in the midst of a sixth major extinction that could cause a collapse of the natural ecosystems?

Alarming declines in the number of insects, vertebrates and plant species around the world have raised fears that we are in the midst of a sixth major extinction that could cause a collapse of the natural ecosystems we rely upon to survive.

Call for Abstracts & Call for Early Career Plenary Speaker — Regional Studies Association: Turbulent Times — Rethinking Regions and Cities

What is it? The 2019 RSA Winter Conference, will take place from 14 to 15 November in London (UK).

The history of regions and the ‘regional studies project’ has always had at its core concerns relating to new and increased social and spatial inequalities resulting from economic and political change.

What are the topics?

Call for abstracts: 2019 Regional Studies Association Annual Conference: Pushing Regions beyond their Borders

What is it? The 2019 RSA Annual Conference will take place from 5 June to 7 June in Santiago de Compostela (Spain). It will be an opportunity to discuss how to push regions beyond all kinds of borders, regional studies, policy and neighbouring communities.

What are the topics?

the Car is the STAR

When you’re sleepy, stressed or have had a few drinks, you’re not in the best position to drive – or even make that decision. But automated cars could soon make that call for you.

How to convert a waste into a water treatment system. Listen the post-cad

Yesterday we had the opportunity to disseminate our work in membrane recycling at the Spanish National Radio. Click the link to listen the interview (Spanish language). Thanks to IMDEA Agua, VALORIZA Agua, TELWESA, EL QUART WWTP,  UNSW, SKYJUICE to support Mem2.0 project!!!