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Dear members,


I would hereby like to inform you that due to the coronavirus issue, the 7th MCAA Annual Conference in Zagreb has been cancelled.

Below you may find the official notification of the MCAA.


Dear MCAA Member,

The recent and ongoing outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is a global health hazard that MCAA has been following closely and is very concerned about. 

For the safety of all registered attendees, and to help contain the spread of the virus, MCAA’s Board, instructed by the Croatian authorities, has decided to NOT HOLD the MCAA's 7th Annual Conference in Zagreb planned for March 28th-29th. This was a difficult decision, but was taken in order to safeguard the health of our members, their families, and the public.

However, we are still holding the Marie Curie Alumni Association Annual General Assembly on Saturday, 28th March 2020 at 14h00 CET at the Westin Hotel, Zagreb – Croatia. 

As per Article 7 of the MCAA Articles of Association, the General Assembly is validly constituted when at least 25 Ordinary Members are present or represented. In the event that this requirement is not met at 14h15 CET, the General Assembly will be re-convened at 15h15 CET at the same place. Then, this General Assembly, regardless of the number of the Ordinary Members present or represented, shall validly deliberate.

The GA 2020 will be limited to only 40 attendees in order to comply with the advice we have at present from the Croatian authorities regarding large gatherings. A new registration link will be implemented for participation to the GA only and will be sent in the following days. Board members, Chapter and WG chairs and MCAA members currently residing in Croatia will be given priority over other members. Once the maximum quota of 40 attendees is reached, members will be moved to a waiting list.

The General Assembly will have a duration of about 3 hours only. The proposed agenda for the GA2020 is available on Annex I. During the meeting, the members are invited to approve the meeting minutes of GA2019 (Annex II) and the 2019 annual accounts (Annex III).

At the GA, there will also be the opportunity to learn more about the current activities, and future plans, of the MCAA. The General Assembly is also an opportunity for members to meet the MCAA Board, to ask questions, and to make suggestions about the future management and development of the MCAA. 

On arriving at the venue, each member must be able to show proof of their identity (e.g., passport, identity card). Any Member unable to attend may appoint a proxy to represent him/her at the MCAA General Assembly 2020 using a specific proxy that will be available in the following days. No individual MCAA Member may hold more than two (2) proxies.

We are extremely disappointed and saddened by these developments, and by the limitations placed on our Annual General Assembly . We know that this news is disappointing, and that the change in plans is inconvenient for many. However, this decision was made in consideration of many factors, with the health and wellbeing of our members as our highest priority.

Please note that MCAA retains the right to cancel the General Assembly at any moment before March 28th, if circumstances are such that holding the event is no longer possible.