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Participating GA-WG members were busy to keep rolling the ceremony, luckily it was documented well by Valerie Bentivegna at MCAA blog: 


Sunday, February 25 — Gala Dinner

Gala dinners are time for networking over food and drinks, but also to honor outstanding members and contributors to the MCAA. The award ceremonies started with the premier of the video created by Vikki Academy on the research of Antonio Andriella on how AI and robotics can help with the care of Alzeimer patients.

In addition, the honorary members were introduced: Theresa Lindahl, Lil Reif, Gareth O’Neill, and Anton Zeilinger. Prof. Anton Zeilinger spoke to us about the origin of Quantum Physics, noting the importance of randomness and fundamental research (not focusing on applications).

The MCAA awards were announced:
  • MCAA Career Award: Stefka Fidanova
  • MCAA Best Innovator Award: Pavlo Bazilinskyy
  • MCAA Social Impact Award: Franciso Valente Gonçalvez
  • MCAA Outstanding Contributor Award: Fernanda Bajanca

Congratulations to all!

Finally, we heard from Martin Kalinowski from the CTBTO Preparatory Commission about science diplomacy.



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