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In order to investigate the personal experience of “mobility”, the University of Bari and Aalborg, in collaboration with the MCAA Danish Chapter, launch a research to interview Italian workers abroad. Participants are required to take part in three interview sessions of one-hour in which they will have the opportunity to talk about the experience of mobility. In this first study, participants must come from Italy and moved abroad to pursuit a job offer or new opportunities of life. They should be two women and two men and, if possible, two of them at first opportunity of job (young workers) and the other two should be workers with experience (senior workers). As for the employment sector, it is required that two participants belong to mainly scientific sectors (engineers, IT, architects, doctors ...), the other two to humanistic fields (letters, philosophy, humanities ...).



phD student in Human Relation Sciences at University of Bari “Aldo Moro”


Email: concetta.papapicco@uniba.it

Skype: concetta24062010