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Job Description:

Duties of the Project Manager:

-Managing the day-to-day operational aspects of the Syn2Psy project;

-Having a clear picture of the Syn2Psy’ deliverables and timelines, to ensure coordination among partners and their timely delivery;

-Ensuring completion of project documentation, keeping it updated and correctly filed;

-Keeping track of the project’s budget / expenditure (total budget about 3.9 M€);

-Ensuring communication between all beneficiaries of the project and associated members;

-Organizing project meetings, training sessions, and secondments for the 14 ESRs;

-Supporting project communication as needed: generating and/or ensuring the production of content for the Syn2Psy’ communication platforms and targeting different audiences, including the web site, research notes, success stories, reports to media and social media;

-Editing /or tailoring written materials produced by the project;

-Management of Syn2Psy project will be achieved in close relation with the Project Coordinator.


Specific Requirements

-The candidate is expected to be fluent in speaking and writing in English;

-Good organizational and analytical skills and ability to meet strict deadlines;

-Experience in research project management is a plus;

-Experience about finance management, IPR concerns and ethics issues is valued;

-Knowledge of the H2020 environment will be appreciated;

-The candidate must be able to summarize meeting reports and to sort tasks by level of importance in order to ensure the delivery of reports in due course;

-Enthusiasm, dynamism and capacity for teamwork;

-Proactive, flexible and problem-solving attitude


Eligibility criteria

1) Applicants should have a PhD or equivalent in neuroscience, biochemistry, biology, pharmacology, or related fields, be highly motivated, self-driven and able to work in a multidisciplinary and multinational consortium.

2) The applicants will preferentially have a master in project management however candidacy of PhD or equivalent in neuroscience, biochemistry, biology, pharmacology, or related fields, will be considered.


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