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Fernanda Bajanca


Fernanda is currently the elected Chair of the Marie Curie Alumni Association. She has been an active member since 2016, first coordinating the MCAA/EuroScientist policy webinars series, followed by…

Alexandra Dubini

Vice Chair

Dr. Alexandra Dubini is a distinguished researcher at the University of Córdoba, UCO, Spain. She completed her PhD at the University of East Anglia, United Kingdom and then worked 10 years as a…

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Gledson Emidio

Vice Chair

Gledson is an analytical chemistry professional with a background in Pharmacy (BSc), Chemistry (MSc) and Chemical Engineering (PhD), interested in the application and development of process…

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Pavlo Bazilinskyy


I am currently working as an assistant professort in the Future Everyday group at the department of Industrial Design of TU Eindhoven. My focus is on Human Factors of communication between…


Corinne Portioli


Corinne is part of the MCAA since 2020. She has been MSCA-GF between US and Italy and currently MSCA-COFUND researcher in Italy. She holds a MSc in Med and Pharma Biotechnology, and a PhD in…

Donata Iandolo

Ordinary Member

I am a researcher and I come from a small town in Southern Italy. I am currently based in France where I work as a senior postdoctoral fellow. My major research interest lies at the interface…

Marina Rantanen Modeer

Ordinary Member

  Marina Rantanen Modeer is the secertary of the MCAA since April 2020 and was previously the chair of the German chapter. Marina received an MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering from…

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Charlotte Ndiribe

Ordinary Member

I am a plant phylogenetic ecologist with research interests in the ecological and evolutionary dynamics of plant communities. I ask questions related to how biological communities work…

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Gian Maria Greco

Ordinary Member

I am a tenure-track Senior Researcher at the University of Macerata (Italy). My research focuses on the theoretical foundation and practical applications of access and accessibility studies, with…

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Giulia Malaguarnera

Ordinary Member

I hold a PhD in Neuropharmacology and I worked in UK, Italy, and now in France. I was awarded as MSCA-Individual Fellow (H2020) in 2019 in the Sector Enterprise, working for a start-up Biotech…


Mariana Rosca

Ordinary Member

Bachelor’s Degree in Economy and Sociology and Master’s of Art in Global Development and Social Justice, PhD on Human Rights: Ethical, Social and Political Challenges funded by Horizon 2020 Marie…

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