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Photo of Gian Maria Greco

Gian Maria Greco


I am a tenure-track Senior Researcher at the University of Macerata (Italy). My research focuses on the theoretical foundation and practical applications of access and accessibility studies, with…

Corinne Portioli at MCAA Annual Conference 2024

Corinne Portioli

Vice Chair

Corinne, after an MSCA-Global Fellowship (GF) between the US and Italy, is currently an MSCA-COFUND researcher at the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa. She is investigating new drug delivery…

Joaquín Capablo

Joaquin Capablo

Vice Chair

Joaquin is from Zaragoza, Spain, where he studied Chemical Engineering. After a PhD in Fluid Mechanics, he did a postdoctoral period in Italy as researcher in a MSCA-IAPP project (Green Kitchen) with…

PhD defence

Pavlo Bazilinskyy


I am currently working as an assistant professort in the Future Everyday group at the department of Industrial Design of TU Eindhoven. My focus is on Human Factors of communication between…


Maria Magdalena Razalan


An Italian citizen with Filipino origins, holding a BSc in Biotechnology, a MSc in Industrial Biotechnology and a PhD in Biology.  My PhD research project, funded by a FP7 Marie Skłodowska…

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Irene Castellano Pellicena

Ordinary Member

Biomedical researcher working in the funding agency sector in Ireland.  Enthusiastic about collaborative, inclusive and innovative research.

A picture of Ornela Bardhi

Ornela Bardhi

Ordinary Member

Dr. Ornela Bardhi is a senior research scientist at Success Clinic transforming Real World Data (registries, EHRs, surveys, etc.) to Real World Evidence from the Nordic countries. Previously she was…

Photo of Farah

Farah Islam

Ordinary Member

Farah Islam completed a BA in Psychology from McGill University (2016) and a MSc in Public Health from the Université de Montréal in (2018) (Montréal, Canada). In 2019, she obtained a Marie…

Current Ordinary Board Member

Virginia Helena Albarracin

Ordinary Member

I am a molecular microbiologist, Independent Researcher in CONICET and a professor at the National University of Tucuman, Argentina. I worked in several countries abroad: the USA, Israel, and Germany…

Maria Romano

Maria Romano

Ordinary Member

Maria Romano is Biotechnologist and Researcher at the Italian National Research Council (IBB-CNR) in Naples. Her research activity focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms of infectious…


Hakim Ferria

Ordinary Member

Hakim is a European Affairs Manager at INSAVALOR in France, with expertise in research and project management. He is a co-founder of the pan-European network of MSCA Project Managers, currently known…

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