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Horizon Europe and cooperation with other initiatives 2021 to 2027

Horizon Europe and the Euratom Research and Training Programme will promote effective and operational synergies with other future EU programmes and policies to promote faster dissemination at national and regional level and uptake of research and innovation results, including:

Horizon-Europe Proposals - Health and Scientific research, particularly into new vaccines, was not one of the winners....

The European Commission may be planning to hike spending for its flagship research programme, but health and scientific research, particularly into new vaccines, was not one of the winners from the proposal announced on Thursday (7 June). This text  is from EURACTIV

100 BILLION EURO PROPOSAL for the new Research Framework Programme announced

European Commission detailed on Thursday (7 June) plans to strengthen its science and innovation fund, focusing on disruptive innovations and financing “a couple of good missions” that would inspire people as the moon-landing project did, commissioner Carlos Moedas said.

Wanted: two postdoctoral researchers - Apply by 28 June!

Job description

InTalent is a new research support initiative by University of A Coruña and Inditex, based on the sole criterion of scientific excellence and aimed at attracting postdoctoral research talent with extensive international experience and standing. We offer support to all Excellent Science projects without exclusion, irrespective of discipline or specialisation.

Past MCAA Chair elected to Euroscience Board - Well done Brian

The results of the elections for the twelve new members of the Governing Board of EuroScience for 2018-2022 are now public.

The immediate past president of the MCAA, Brian Cahill was voted onto the Board with the 4th highest number of votes from the 28 candidates. This is a recognition of his work while Chair and his standing in the Scientific Community

Improve IP management - join the EPO virtual classrooms!

IP evaluation and protection, 08 05 2018

Improve IP management - join our virtual classrooms!

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to define and implement 

IP concepts efficiently within a company. As of 7 June the 

European Patent Academy will continue its series of virtual