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Open Letter of European Science Organisations: maintain transparency,open communication and mobility of scholars and scientists

We, as European organisations involved in science (which for us includes the social sciences and humanities), research, education and innovation, benefit from and wish to defend the open exchange of ideas and people, which constitutes the foundation of scientific endeavour.

Webinar - Gender bias in academic publishing

What? What is the influence of unconscious gender bias on academic careers? From job applications to article submissions, quick assessments made by reviewers can become career-defining for those who work in research. Blind reviewing, and other measures taken by publishers, have been put in place to mitigate its effect – often with great success.

Women in geosciences - Session in EOS – Educational and Outreach Symposia at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2017, 28 April, Vienna

Convener: Maria Bostenaru Dan 

Co-Conveners: Ira Didenkulova , Magdalini Theodoridou , Mirela-Adriana Anghelache , Maja Miše , Riia Chmielowski , Giovanna Avellis

Keynote Speech

A summary of the Keynote address given by S Beernaerts.

Special coverage MCAA General Assembly: The role of Scientists and researchers in Society.


General Assembly April 2017

We wish them a lot of success in their respective careers!We wish them a lot of success in their respective careers!MCAA General Assembly and Conference: What happened

MCAA Awards 2016 -  Here we unveil the lucky 2016 winners