MCAA Ethics Committee and Code of Conduct projects

The MCAA Code of Conduct has been co-designed with MCAA members in a bottom-up approach to inspire adequate behaviour within our community, including not only ordinary members but also members of the board and others in leadership roles.

A Code of Conduct has value as both an internal guideline and an external statement of shared values and commitments.

The MCAA Code of Conduct and the Ethics Committee regulation have been approved by MCAA members at the 2022 Annual General Assembly. Access the documents here:

Any breaches to the MCAA Code of Conduct should be denounced to the MCAA Whistleblowing Channel.

Learn more about the MCAA Ethics project, how it has been developed, and the people behind the Constitutive Ethics Committee here:

We thank all members who contributed with priceless input to the MCAA Ethics project to bring into the Code of Conduct and Ethics Committee regulation the values that work for all of us.

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