MCAA Ethics Committee and Code of Conduct projects

UPDATE: the MCAA Code of Conduct and the Ethics Committee regulation have been approved by MCAA members at the 2022 Annual General Assembly.

The MCAA is growing: we are almost 20 000 registered MCAA members at the date of this publication, and growing fast!

It is time for co-creating an MCAA Code of Conduct designed to inspire adequate behaviour of ALL members, including not only ordinary members, but also members of the board and others in leadership roles.

A Code of Conduct has value as both an internal guideline and an external statement of shared values and commitments.


As a member of the MCAA community, you are invited to review and comment the documents that are in preparation:

Learn more about the aims and process of the MCAA Ethics project, and the people behind the constitutive Ethics Committee here:

Your input into the MCAA Ethics project is priceless. We hope for a large participation to bring into the Code of Conduct and Ethics Committee regulation the values that work for all of us. A discussion Forum has been open for exchanging ideas:

General Interest Group MCAA ETHICS

The discussion will be followed by the members of the constitutive Ethics Committee who leads the project. Comments will be addressed and integrated into revised versions of the documents aiming at a final consensual version to be implemented after it obtains the approval of the members at an MCAA General Assembly. and the board members will never ask you passwords or other sensitive data. Also you will never receive strange links from them. Please always check the email sender and be careful what URLS you visit.
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