MCAA learning program

Updated on the 30/12/2023: we are currently enrolling

The MCAA Learning Program in a nutshell:
- First: please read the rules of the MCAA Learning Program below.
- Second: register to get your free license.
- Third: when a license is available you will receive an invitation to join and can start learning for free

What is the MCAA Learning Program?

At the MCAA we value lifelong career development. Regardless of the career stage, whether students or established professionals, there is always a need to acquire new skills and learn or update knowledge to progress in our careers.

That’s why, regardless of whether you are a researcher or took a different career path, the MCAA is happy to offer you free access to the learning platform Coursera.

To make your life easier, we have worked with Coursera to propose several learning tracks. Or you can simply choose the courses you want among 7000+ courses from 275+ leading universities and companies, organised into the following main categories:

Data Science - Business - Computer Science - Information Technology - Language Learning - Health - Personal Development - Physical Science and Engineering - Social Sciences - Arts and Humanities - Math and Logic


Access conditions (read these very carefully!)

Licenses are exclusively allocated to MCAA members with updated and complete profiles. (see below how to complete your profile)

Members registering for access will be put on a waiting list and licenses will be allocated following the order of registration. The waiting time may vary from a couple of weeks to a few months depending on the demand.

A limited number of licenses are available. To increase the number of members that can benefit from this opportunity licenses will be allocated on a rotating basis.

An allocated license will be active for a minimum period of 3 months, provided it is regularly used. After 3 months, licenses may be recovered if needed for other members on the waiting list.

Please note the following conditions for activation and maintenance of an allocated license:

  • - If an allocated license is not activated within 7 days the member loses access to it and will need to register again to enter the waiting list for the next cohorts.
  • - If an activated license is not used by the member for consecutive 20 days it may be revoked and allocated to a member on the waiting list.

Each member can register an unlimited number of times but only once every 3 months. If your license is removed, due to inactivity or if you have used it for 3 months and it was necessary for members on the waiting list, please do register again. Your progression will not be lost and as soon as a license is available we will allocate it back to you.

Special conditions

While most licenses will be allocated following the registration order, up to 10% of the available licenses will be reserved for:

- Members with proven needs (unemployment, low resources countries/institutions, researchers at risk, …)

- MCAA active members (Chairs of Chapters and Working Groups, members actively contributing to the organisation of MCAA activities)

- Top platform users. When the 3 months of allocation expire, whenever the licenses are to be reallocated to new members, users ranking top 3 in the number of learning hours over the last 3 months will be allowed to keep their licenses. This comes as a prize for outstanding interest in career development and for making good use of the allocated license.

- Members who inform of unavailability to continue using an allocated license before the expiring time, allowing to allocate it to another member, will be considered as special condition the next time they register.


How to register for access

Log in, click the Registration Form button below, and fill in the form. Please make sure your profile is updated and complete, less than 90% of profile completion will automatically block the form submission. By submitting a registration form, members automatically join the waiting list. When a license becomes available an invitation to join the platform will be sent to the email used to register at the MCAA website. It is therefore important to keep your email information updated (see the "How to complete your profile" section below).

How to complete your profile

Go to your profile page (click on your name on the top banner) and open the "ACTIONS" button on the right side of the screen, then select "EDIT". Complete as much information as possible in the fields that are empty. Pay special attention to the email address, this will be the one used for allocating a license and for all communications.

Contact us : please indicate "MCAA Learning - Coursera" in the subject line in the contact us form

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