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Webinar: Tips And Tricks For Risk Management

This online event, co-hosted by the EARMA Post Award Project Management Thematic Group and the MCAA Project Management Working Group, focuses on Risk Management in research grants. The one-hour session features two speakers: Irène Arrata from the National Institute for Health and Medical Research (Inserm), discussing Risk Management definitions and methodologies; and Leah Wren from Queen Mary University, sharing experiences in managing financial risks in high-risk countries. The event includes a welcome and introduction by Pauline Rasera from RMIT Europe, followed by each speaker's presentation, an interactive discussion and Q&A session, and concludes with a briefing on upcoming events. The seminar is designed for project managers and staff involved in research grants, providing insights into risk assessment and management throughout the research grant cycle.

MCAA China Chapter and Germany Chapter co-organised the 3rd Sino-German Sustainable Development Forum (SGF) that was initiated and organised by Zhejiang University in Berlin on 14 November

On 14 November 2023, MCAA China Chapter and Germany Chapter co-organized the 3rd Sino-German Sustainable Development Forum (SGF) organised by Zhejiang University. The forum will be held offline in Berlin, Germany, and you are welcome to attend the event in person. If you are interested in attending this conference, please register in advance. The number of places is limited, so please register in advance (free of charge). Registration for Audience:

MCAA China Chapter co-organises and supports the China-UK Technology Summit 2023

MCAA China Chapter co-organises and supports the China-UK Science and Technology Summit 2023 as a supporting organisation. A large number of government officials, academicians and other world-renowned experts have been invited to this international conference. Welcome your attention and participation in this international conference. and the board members will never ask you passwords or other sensitive data. Also you will never receive strange links from them. Please always check the email sender and be careful what URLS you visit.