Welcome to the MCAA Newsletter.

The MCAA Newsletter is the main communication channel for and about the MCAA community. It aims at disseminating information about the activities of our national chapters and working groups, events, partners, and especially MSCA projects (Individual Fellowships, RISE, ITN, and COFUND). It is a platform for science communication and public outreach.

Instructions for submission
We welcome a vast range of articles on any activity related to MCAA, local chapters, events, MSCA projects, and so forth.
Instructions for authors can be found in the Editorial Guidelines. Please, make sure your article complies with the guidelines.

Articles as well as any request concerning the newsletter should be sent to news@mariecuriealumni.eu.

Editorial Board
Gian Maria Greco, Marie Curie Alumni Association, Editor-in-chief
Valerie Bentivegna, MCAA Communication Working Group, Chair
Valentina Ferro, Marie Curie Alumni Association, Vice-Chair

Mostafa Moonir Shawrav, Marie Curie Alumni Association, Chair



Editorail Team

Ruben Riosa, Marie Curie Alumni Association
Yahara Abubakar, Marie Curie Alumni Association
Kathy Tzilivakis, INTRASOFT International

Aurelia Chaise, INTRASOFT International

The MCAA Newsletter is published by the Marie Curie Alumni Association - ISSN 2663-9483.




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Help us improve the newsletter by replying to our mini-survey.