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Who we are

MCAA is a vibrant community of researchers who have benefited or are currently benefiting from a Marie Curie Sklodowska Curie Fellowship, one of the most prestigious funding programs in Europe.

We empower researchers and innovators careers with tailored training programs to get you ahead of the curve in a competitive job market. We amplify the voice of academics worldwide, debating hot topics at our exclusive events and participating in the science policy landscape with white papers and consultations. We act as a bridge to connect people and idea with several networking opportunities at in-person and virtual events.

Today we are enlarging our offering, giving an extra boost for our current members. And for the first time, we open the door to the widest researchers community for everyone to benefit from MCAA Premium.

Why you should join

By joining MCAA Premium today, you will get complimentary access to MCAA’s Linkedin Learning, discounts to join our future events, a tailored newsletter and more.

This will give access to ~16.5 K online courses and custom content created by experts in our community, specifically focusing on career mapping, entrepreneurship and soft skills developing. The access to the linkedin platform will be valid till November 15, 2021. The extension of the access would be subject to the renewal of the subscription.

To celebrate the launch of MCAA Premium, you will also benefit from a one-time offer to join at a discounted price and get a free ticket to our flagship event in March of 2021!

Read the F.A.Q. at our website for a full description of the benefits.

Other Learning PlatformsMCAA Premium
Training classes on demand✔  Through complimentary access to Linkedin Learning
Tailored training programs✔ Through complimentary access to Linkedin Learning
Custom training content tailored to researchers
25% discount to ALL MCAA events*
25% discounts for all webinar and trainings * ✝
Newsletter subscription 
Free access to MCAA Virtual Conference 2021✔ One-time exclusive launch offer
 Starting from 299 dollars in the USA, 340 euros in EU / year ★80eur / year (125eur/year)

* Valid for the year of the subscription, e.g. from January 1st 2021 till December 31st 2021. LinkedIn learning should be valid only till November 15, 2021 in MCAA Premium.

✝ Valid for trainings and webinar that are not already included in Linkedin Learning

★ Price reported for 1 year subscription of Coursera Plus. This is purely a comparative reference. 

** Service launch special price. Final price subject to change after the first year of subscription.

Are you ready to kickstart your professional journey?

PayPal Payment for Non-Members – 103,31€ (21% TVA not included) – total 125€