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Barcelona offers a reflection of our future pasts, much in the way that archaeology does: our profession embodies an ability to reflect on how the future comes into existence and how the past influences it. We must also have the power to prototype the future. Everyone falls in love with Barcelona. One way or another, this love affair has to do with how the future challenges our past and our present. Barcelona is a perfect location for holding the 24th Annual Meeting of the EAA, the ideal setting for an Association that seeks to continuously develop and change the direction of its ability to reflect the past, in order to be able to reflect about the future. The event will be attended by between 2,000 and 2,500 participants.

The MCAA has a session in the program entitled "Perspectives of the Marie Skłodowska‐Curie Fellows in the Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Fields" - this takes place 14h00 to 16h00 on 2018-09-07. The MCAA will also have a stand during the event where MCAA fellows will promote the existence, content and main contacts of the MCAA to groups, companies, autonomous researchers, and political and research institutions. The overall objective of MCAA participation in this event will be to reinforce the network of the particular community of MCAA fellows and members of the EAA: it is significantly dynamic and powerful in terms of intellectual ambition and practical relevance.

Date: 5-8 September 2018

Venue: Barcelona University, Barcelona, Spain

Details: on the web-site at https://www.e-a-a.org/EAA2018

Registration: For EAA members, only via the on-line form

Wednesday, 5 September, 2018 to Saturday, 8 September, 2018, 09:00 - 23:45
Location City:
University of Barcelona Faculty of Geography and History
Montalegre 6
08001 Barcelona Barcelona