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15 Feb 2021

Science Communication Talk Series

This event is a series of talks and labs aiming at providing inputs on science communication. The event does not expect to be a fully comprehensive course on science communication; however, you will get tools, connections, and inputs which can be deepened in the future if considered of interest. You will learn from experts that will touch on broad topics, such as science and poetry, paper writing science and journalism, social media, and event organization. At the end of the series, to get the certification, you must attend at least 80% of the total amount of hours, which you can convert into ECTS points (credits) at your institute. Moreover, for the MCAA Italy Chapter members, an award (prizemoney) will be assigned to the best social media communication developed during the practice lessons. Full Program available here Pre-Registration via email (limited number of seats).
27 Jan 2021

How to transform your biomedical research in a company?

Most of research activity in the biomedical area is either fundamental or translational. Translational meanings that the goal of your research is to at some point improve health care and medicine. However, the road from the lab to the actual use of your research in real life is paved with obstacles. The application of your research ends up as a blurry objective, something you mention in publications, without knowing how it could actually become a new treatment or a novel diagnostic tool. It is true that the obstacles in the biomedical field are bigger than in the other fields. The clinical trials are expensive, with a low success ratio, very long time before bringing profit which makes investment risky and thus hard to get! But on the other hand, it’s becoming more and more clear that despite those obstacles, the investment risk can be overcome and the reward is even bigger! Nowadays, more and more European and national organizations understand the potential of biotech companies and propose funding schemes to raise your translational research.    This webinar co-organised by the MCAA France Chapter and the YEBN, aims to present you how you can transform your biomedical research in a company. Introducing you examples of Startup accelerator programs and testimony of former researchers that created their startup.
22 Jan 2021


If you have any of the following topics that resonate with you, please register for the webinar to hear insights from the H2020 project that had first-hand experience with the team coaching session.  TURN CHALLENGES INTO SUCCESS STORIES *The Lessons Learned from a complex project are important to you *You'd like to listen to recommendations from experts in their field *You'd like to interact in the Q& A session (30 minutes) after the webinar (1 hour) *You want to become part of a powerful network *You are a manager, student, lecturer, coach, consultant or a person interested in learning *You'd like to download the webinar afterwards *(Gender) Diversity is important *You are curious about the new concept for developing high potentials https://zoom.us/webinar/register/2716080227840/WN_74O-ORM3Qa6iYaGxytcs7A... Recommended audience: Early-stage researchers, Individual Fellows, Project -Coordinators, PI, etc.
13 Dec 2020

1st Virtual MCAA Swiss Chapter Meeting on Sunday 13th December 2020 at 18:00

1st Virtual MCAA Swiss Chapter Meeting 13/12/2020 at 18:00   
11 Sep 2020

MCAA German Chapter Meeting

The German Chapter will be hosting it's annual meeting at 2pm on the 11th of September, after the "Advancing doctoral training: open science, mental wellbeing, and communication" session: https://www.mariecuriealumni.eu/mcaa-events/advancing-doctoral-training-open-science-mental-health-and-communication