The MCAA Blog

Aim and scope of the MCAA Blog

The MCAA Blog is a venue for science communication. It publishes articles where researchers discuss their own experiences as well as a variety of topics of interest to the MCAA such as science policy, mental health, and science communication. The MCAA Blog is also a space for insight articles about the activities of the MCAA.

Tentatively, the MCAA Blog publishes at least two posts per month. This means that accepted posts may experience some delay due to publication schedule.

The MCAA Blog is published by the Marie Curie Alumni Association - ISSN 2958-7867

Editorial board 

Ruben Riosa, Lead Editor
Nicoleta Spinu, Associate Editor
Gian Maria Greco, Associate Editor
Chen Ling, Associate Editor
Luisa Merz, Associate Editor
Marina Pekmezovic, Associate Editor

Instructions for submission

Before submission, authors are required to read both the MCAA Blog Editorial Guidelines and the MCAA Blog Editorial Rules - Instructions for Authors.

Articles should be submitted exclusively by email to with “MCAA Blog proposal - title of the article” as the subject of your email. 


The MCAA Blog is hosted on Medium, a professional blog platform.

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