BSB Webinar: Researcher's mistakes in and beyond the job-selection process


Webinar: An easy-going, practical talk about the mistakes that Researchers do when they have to communicate themselves outside the Academic walls, rooted in the priviledged, day-to-day experience of a PhD recruiter specialising in the placement of researchers in Industry.

Speaker: Graduated in Clinical Psychology at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan, Chiara obtained her PhD in Social and Personality Psychology at the University of Padua. After a two-years Post-Doc, she decided to leave the Academia for the private sector and she had a brief experience as a project manager in a marketing agency.

In 2018 she became an employee at the Consortium for Technology Transfer (C2T) and joined the team of Find Your Doctor, the first job agency specializing in the recruitment of researchers for non-academic positions. She is Find Your Doctor’s main recruiter, specializing in the evaluation of researchers’ profiles with a focus on soft and transferable skills. She also works as an HR manager in C2T, particularly involved in talent hiring for the team. Chiara is also a trainer in workshops and seminars for PhD students, about the job-search and job-selection processes as well as the psychological issues that are involved in the professional transition outwards Academia.

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Online / Webinar

26 Jul 2021