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15th November, 5 pm, to 17th November, 4 pm, 2019


EIT Health invites all medical and veterinarian students and doctors, infection control practitioners and individuals working in the health sector interested in making a real change in the field of AMR to be part of this unique event!


The Hackathon aims to investigate unique approaches to deal with Antimicrobial Diseases (AMR) in European countries in case of drug-resistant superbug outbreak. The Hackathon will have several challenges based on the outlined scenario initiated by various pharma, industry, insurance and governmental entities.


There are various novel methods and possible alternative therapies that may be used to face such an outbreak. The approaches that are proposed are to be considered the challenges and will be tackled by the respective teams. The teams will address the following points revolving around the challenges:


  • What is the science and biology behind the method and how does it work? (side effects, effectiveness, impact, issues, etc.)
  • Who is leading this method and how come? (institutions, countries, labs, how did they develop it, novelty, etc.)
  • How can this be taken into other countries despite the politics and regulations? (regulatory, prevention and public safety measures, readiness and adaptability in countries, policies, etc.).


Registrations will remain open till the 4th of November.


For agenda and more information please visit: http://eit-health.de/events/hackathon/


Friday, 15 November, 2019 to Sunday, 17 November, 2019, (All day) - (All day)
Location City:
Heidelberg, Germany
69123 Heidelberg, Germany