Forum Group Discussion on International Cooperation - Southeast Asia Chapter & Indonesia Young Academy of Sciences

In a world in which research is carried out on a global basis, collaboration and mobility are a key part of the business of science. International mobility ensures a circulation of skills and ideas around the world, and ‘brain circulation’ in the global research system sees scientists follow the best science and the best resources.

The Government of Indonesia has recently launched the “Draft Law on the National System of Science and Technology”. The Indonesian Young Academy of Science (Akademi Ilmuwan Muda Indonesia, ALMI) has been asked to provide input on the development and implementation of this draft law.

In cooperation with the Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) Southeast Asia Chapter and EURAXESS ASEAN, ALMI is organising Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with international partners to discuss “Strengthening Research Collaboration and Internationalisation in Indonesia”. The objectives of the FGD are as follows:

  1. To inform international partners about the views of ALMI on the Draft Law of the National System of Science and Technology as well as to receive inputs from the international stakeholders

  2. To strengthen cooperation between the Indonesian Young Academy and members of the MCAA Southeast Asia Chapter

Online / Webinar

26 Jul 2021