PhD to Business (PHDtoB) Digital Talent Fair

Dear all,
we would like to invite #phdstudents and #earlystage #researchers to meet the industry and to show the capabilities of their project at the
PhD to Business (PHDtoB) Digital Talent Fair (website) that will be held online on 16 and 17 of June from 10.00 to 17.00.

The event is in Italian, but some large enterprises also are very interested and accept candidatures in English, so just check the event description below to find out all the details. It looks as a good opportunity to reach out directly to the industry and to show the capabilities of your project. The MCAA Italy Chapter is partner of the event so feel free to tell them that you are part of the MCAA Italy Chapter, it will be an added value!

Join it here

Event description (translated from the Italian leaflet):

Are you a PhD student or a doctor? Are you thinking of making a doctorate?

We thought of an event for you. A two-day event, completely free, completely online, is called PhDTOB and was born as Side Event of R2B On Air.


Because we think that the PhD and the Doctor of Research are increasingly important figures as an engine and actor of innovation.

We thought of a two-day event that made them protagonists, talked about them and put them at the center of the strategic choices of institutions, companies and civil society. We also thought that the large innovative companies should be present at this event to confront the people on innovation issues. Among those who have already given their membership we have Bosch, group Teddy, Electrolux, Cirfood, Lute, Lamborghini


16 and 17 June from 10 am to 5 pm

Where do you hold?

It will obviously be all online. We thought of a virtual citadel where the participants will find the stands of companies, but they can do a lot of other things.

What can you do during these two days?

By subscribing to the event, at this link, you can:

  • Participate in interesting webinars and workshops on the figure of the research doctor, on his role as an actor at the center of innovation processes, on the skills you will have to develop to increase your employability;
  • Access pre-registered educational content that will help you enhance your search, highlight your skills to better relate to businesses
  • Get in touch with national and international associations, which will help you support your career path and enter the PHD community
  • Visit virtually companies, analyze jobs descriptions, participate in their webinars and send your curriculum
  • Candidate yourself to present your doctoral research to companies or other PhDs (either in English or Italian) within the areas of interest expressed by the participating companies. The companies will choose the candidates with the most interesting project for them and invite them to discuss further. The not selected candidates will still have their own space to give a talk within a thematic area.

To help you prepare for PhDTOB, we have decided to organize 4 seminars to enhance your know-how in a presentation to companies (held in Italian). Here are the dates and links. Sign in!!

4/06 from 14-16 construction of the content: what to say in a pitch for the company

link zoom

07/06 from 14 to 16 the form: graphics and text

link zoom

11/06 from 14 to 16 limiting prejudices, motivation and identity: things to know to be credible

link zoom

14/06 from 14 to 16 Pitch Rehearsal (voluntary), Q & A and latest suggestions

Link zoom

To learn more write to

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