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We all know that reaching to the higher levels of academia, either by getting a tenure, gaining a PI position or any other senior role, is a very difficult task which demands a great amount of effort and persistence. In the current times, it is difficult to pretend that the path towards the top is easy and with enough space for all. Competition is becoming harder, and spaces fewer. Only the brave and courageous can get there.

Actually, wrong.

Being a senior academic, and having a leadership role (e.g., PI, Lecturing, Supervising) is a demanding task. Not only on the physical side of it, but mostly on the emotional side. Facing pressures from entities and society, dealing with conflicts within groups, fighting bureaucracy are some of the variables that top academics need to deal with. 

And, yet, often in silence. 

It's an easy task, right? 
Again, wrong. 

It is time to change the game. Top academics should not need super powers. Top academics before being academics, are people. It's time to change the idea of only valuing the "tough and strong", to make the awareness of wellbeing possible to be spoken within peers. It is time to allow the top level to
occasionally say "I'm tired. I need to rest. I cannot continue now".

Academia is one of the most stressing places one can work in. If mental health, wellbeing and physical health are compromised, what are we expecting the outcome to be?

Let's create space to be aware of how we feel.


Want to know more? 

That is great! Because we want to tell you more! 

The MCAA is organising a workshop with the title "Stress Management within Top Academics: Feeling before thinking" at the MCAA GA on the 24-25 February 2019 and your presence is highly important.

This workshop will present some data and inputs regarding stress issues associated to managing roles in academia followed by an interactive section where participants will have the opportunity to experiment strategies to better deal with stress and anxiety.

We are keen in your participation as this is just the first phase of a new era of talking about these issues within our association. And you have the opportunity to be part of it.

Join us as places are limited for a small group only!


Registeration: In order to comply with an anonymous registeration, we kindly ask you to send an email to the organisers showing your intention for participation with the subject "WORKSHOP: Stress Management within Top Academics: Feeling before thinking".

PS: Note that dates are informative of the GA and are still TBC for an exact date and time during the GA.


Thank you! :)



Sara Ricardo - safricardo@gmail.com

Francisco Valente Gonçalves - francisco@rumo.solutions

Sunday, 24 February, 2019 to Monday, 25 February, 2019, (All day) - (All day)
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University of Vienna