Western Balkans Wiki Month

August is Western Balkans Wiki Month! Our Chapter is organising a month-long action of creating and editing English Wikipedia articles related to science, technology, arts, and humanities in the Western Balkans region. Maybe the article you want to write exists in another Wikipedia edition? Translate it! Maybe it doesn't exist anywhere, but you have reliable resources for it? Write it! Maybe you need help in finding resources? We'll do it together!

You're welcomne to participate, no matter the level of Wikipedia editing experience you have--the community on our Discord server will be there to answer questions, help, brainstorm, and have fun throughout the month.

What should you do beforehand, and how does editing Wikipedia actually work? One of the most famous and most successful Wikipedia editing projects, Women in Red (red links on Wikipedia mark articles that don't exist yet, they turn blue once written!) has you covered with an excellent slide deck and a lot of resources: https://blogs.ed.ac.uk/wir-editathon/all/

Throughout the month we will organise pop-up meetups and talk about Wikipedia, arts and sciences in the Western Balkans region, and much more.

Here's our project page: https://outreachdashboard.wmflabs.org/courses/MCAA_WBC/Western_Balkans_Wiki_Month, and here's our Discord community server: https://discord.gg/XT54uMpCY6. Welcome! If you have any questions (or problems registering/joining/participating), please let us know.

Event Start Date
01 Aug 2021

Event End Date
31 Aug 2021

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