Wine O'Clock Policy Talk: from research to policy

This session is a gathering of the policy group whereby a member presents a topic of interest to others, who then discuss with in a friendly environment, as a conversation around a glass of wine!
For this first session, I'll open the dance and share insights from the work I did on my first postdoctoral contract, which was about how research in ethics can impact policy. It’s research collecting intelligence from profs working with UNESCO, national policymakers, and the EU about what policymakers need and how to get in those circles. Not long after this, we also got commissioned by the EU parliament to produce a report, so there’s some experience to exchange. Hopefully, we can use this time to reflect and improve our practices together!

If you're not a member of the policy group but would like to attend, please contact me!




Online / Webinar

06 Feb 2021


Event Start Date
06 Feb 2021

Event End Date
06 Feb 2021

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