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MCAA Andean-Caribbean Chapter

Welcome to the MCAA Andean-Caribbean Chapter!


The Andean-Caribbean Chapter is part of the MCAA and encourages local networking, recruits and attracts new members to the Association, and generally enhances the image of the MCAA within Andean-Caribbean and its sub-region. All MCAA members residing in the chapter’s geographical area can become a member of the chapter. Membership to a Chapter is free!


The chapter will host members from South America not represented in existing chapters (initially considering members from Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and other Caribbean countries without excluding interested members from other Central and South American countries not represented in existing chapters). 




MCAA Andean-Caribbean Chapter Geographical Scope



Chapter Goals for 2022-2023


In order to promote MSCA itself and its fellows’ network in the Andean-Caribbean region, we aim at:


-  Strengthening networking and promoting collaboration among current and former MSCA fellows linked to the Andean/Caribbean region.

-  Promoting communication and dissemination of knowledge and research outputs.

-  Defining pathways to involve different public and private HEIs with the objective of attracting international research funds into Andean/Caribbean universities.

-  Defining a communication plan which includes events and periodical newsletters to highlight professional and research opportunities of beneficiaries returning home.

-  Advising new MSCA fellows for settling down culturally and administratively at their host countries.

-  Establishing mechanisms to help and advice beneficiaries that had a stay abroad to re-incorporate in the Andean/Caribbean countries social security system (e.g., how to more effectively move pension payments made abroad to the Andean/Caribbean countries systems).


Supporting and guiding current and former MSCA fellows linked to the region in further topics such as the effective validation of academic titles obtained abroad.



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MCAA Andean-Caribbean Chapter


Working group for the Marie Curie Alumni Association's Andean-Caribbean Chapter formation and future communications. All current and former MSCA PhD/Postdoc fellows, citizens and/or residents of Andean/Caribbean countries, are welcome to join this group.


Research, Public Relations and Communications, International Affairs


Latin America

Andean Countries: Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Perú.
Caribbean Countries: Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica.

Group Rules

Our rules are quite simple. a) You must be or have been a MSCA fellow, b) You must be either national or resident of an Andean or a Caribbean country.


Membership of the Chapter is free

But we hope you will contribute your energy and enthusiasm to support our activities



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Sergio Andrés Manrique Garzón

Chapter Chair
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Zulay Lugo

Chapter Vice-Chair
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Jairo R. Montoya-Torres

Chapter Vice-Chair
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Juan Carlos Muñoz Mora

Chapter Vice-Chair
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Martina Clairand

Chapter Vice-Chair
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Camilo Sánchez Tobón

Chapter Vice-Chair
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