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Brazil Chapter

The Brazil Chapter is an official component of the MCAA, and encourages local networking and attracts new members to the Association within all parts of the country.

We aim to enhance the image of the MCAA in Brazil by organising interesting events and innovative activities. We would like to share our experiences as researchers, to highlight the benefits of Marie Curie Actions, and of the MCAA Association, and to communicate our ideas of the world as a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary community.

All MCAA members residing in Brazil, or Brazilian nationals residing elsewhere, are welcome to become members of the Brazil Chapter.

Membership of the Chapter is free! Just click on the 'Join Group' logo at the top of the right-hand column, and we would be happy to welcome you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at:


Current Brazil Chapter Board

Chair: Leonardo Dall'Agnol

Outreach promotion: Elizabeth Schmidt; Gledson Emidio José 

Industrial Connection: Cintia Zarth; Daphiny Pottmaier

National & International Affairs: Daniel Praeg 

Ordinary members: Adriano Fabro; Ana Paula Bortoleto; Elaine Cristina Vieira; Jochen Junker; Luciano Pighinelli 


The proposed objectives by the 2016-2017 board of the Brazilian chapter are:
•    Disseminate the MCAA and the Brazilian chapter by recruiting and attracting new members;
•    Encourage networking and synergies among MCAA members through meetings, digital/social media, etc;
•    Promote greater knowledge of the European education and research system in Brazil with a special focus on the Marie Sklowodoska Curie Actions;
•    Establish an interface between industry/business federations and the NGO’s to disseminate the MSCA program;
•    Encourage interaction with external partners and funding agencies

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