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The Danish Chapter is part of the MCAA, and encourages local networking, and recruits and attracts new members to the association.  We aim to promote and support the interests of Marie Curie Fellows and Alumni in Denmark.

Denmark is a dynamic and vibrant research environment which currently hosts more than 300 MCAA alumni of different nationalities and backgrounds.


The membership of The Danish Chapter is open to all MCAA members who have an interest in Denmark, and it is of course free!



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Membership of the Chapter is free

But we hope you will contribute your energy and enthusiasm to support our activities



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Latest Events

MCAA Denmark - Networking event in Copenhagen, Thursday 4. August 2022


Networking for MCCA Alumni organized by the Denmark Chapter.

Danish Chapter Winter/Spring Meeting, Wednesday 31. March


MCAA Danish Chapter - Annual Meeting on Friday 3. July in Copenhagen


Dear Denmark Chapter members,

We invite you to cast your vote for the next Denmark Chapter Chair. This is an important opportunity for you to have a say in shaping the future of our chapter.

The poll will be open until Monday, 8th June 2023, 23:59 CET. We encourage each and every one of you to participate and make your voice heard.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the candidates who have demonstrated their dedication to the MCAA Community by stepping forward for this role.

Thank you for your active engagement and support.

Please find the name and short bio of the candidates below.

Best regards,




Julia Chiossi

Dear members, I'm currently a MSCA ESR in health sciences funded under the Horizon 2020 project Comm4Child (grant agreement n°860755), placed in the industry (Oticon A/S in Denmark) living in Copenhagen, and affiliated to the Dept of Special Needs Education, University of Oslo, Norway.
I've been a member of MCAA for two years and followed the activities proposed by other chapters and working groups, besides joining informational meetings about funding opportunities within MCAA. When it comes to the Danish chapter, I have seen - by joining the informal meetings - the strong potential there is for building a strong community. Nevertheless, there is a need for enhancing communication between members and awareness about MCAA for alumni not yet members. 
Personally, I’m driven by making and enabling new connections so I believe that we can achieve much more by stablishing the Danish chapter as a collaborative chapter and enhancing the informational flow between the general MCAA board and the chapter members, and by bringing our members together by informal meetings, and finding events of common interest. 
After months without chapter activities, I hope as a chair to be able to ‘restart’ the chapter and make it more active over time.


Mingdong Dong

I am Professor in the Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center at Aarhus University Denmark. I am applied physicist specializing in advanced surface sensitive scanning probe microscopy (SPM). I have developed several important quantitative SPM-based surface sensitive techniques to investigate electronic, mechanical, thermal, chemical, and magnetic properties in biological systems and nanomaterials, which have been critically important for a better understanding of structure-function relationship. My academic experience ranges from materials science, physical chemistry to biophysics, covers problems in life science and nanoscience, encompasses expertise in SPM. I have published more than 300 papers (More than 16000 citations, H-index of 65) in top international peer reviewed journals such as Nature, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Chemistry, Nature Communications, PNAS, Angewandte Chemie, Nano Letters, JACS, ACS NANO, Advanced Materials, etc. I has been a member of Royal Microscopical Society, ACS, MRS, Biophysical Society and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. I believe that I have the skills, experience, and vision necessary to achieve the shared goals and further strengthen our Danish community. I have been the coordinator for 3 Marie Skłodowska-Curie projects including PhD training network, staff exchange program. Meanwhile my group has also hosted several Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoc. We can focusing on supporting the career development of MCAA member. This can be accomplished by providing resources such as job boards, career workshop. We can also build our network to connect members with potential collaborators thought organising social activists.  


Alberto González Olmos

I have lived in Aarhus Commune for the past 3 years and plan to live here with my family for many more. I am a PhD student in the department of health and a member of the Danish cardiovascular academy. I investigate new biomarkers for hypertension in the microcirculation, using laser speckle contrast imaging.

For the past years, the Danish chapter has organized the annual meetings in Copenhagen. I would like to stimulate a vibrant research network and meetings in Jutland.


ABhishek Bhargava

Hi, I am ABhishek Bhargava. I am 38 years old and have been living in Europe for last 15 years, out of which last 11 years in Copenhagen. I would like to put forward myself for MCAA chair activities and  would like to take this initiative to organise regular meetings and promote ideas and communication among MCAA chapter members . The idea is to facilitate a regular dialogue among researchers and discuss personal and professional collaboration and discussion on various issues concerning research and persona well being of every individual. I can envision  regular meetings travel and networking activities in the times to come. I have a background in Chemical Engineering and have a genuine interest in networking and bringing people together for common good.  I am currently working for DBI in the area of Fire Safety Engineering and have benefited enormously through student networks in my social and professional life. I would like to now take active part in MCAA chapter activities and grow this initiative for incoming researchers and those who are already residing in  Denmark so as to facilitate better integration and smooth transition into their personal and professional lives in Denmark. I have been part of Erasmus mundus master program in France and more lately MCAa action for my Industrial Phd in Denmark. Mobility has been part of my life and can feel the same pulse and energy that most members feel by being part of this group. I am currently living in Valby and feel the city vibes at the core of my heart I can envision serious involvement in MCAA chapter activities. Please vote for me. Together we can take this association  to new heights. Thanks and best regards 
ABhishek Bhargava 


George Anasontzis

I am currently an innovation consultant supporting companies and institutions, particularly on soft funding opportunities, business development, and open innovation. I have an MSc and a PhD in microbial biotechnology, an MSc in business administration and bioentrepreneurship with emphasis on open innovation and corporate sustainability. I am also active as expert evaluator for the European Commission and national authorities and as a mentor for early stage start ups.

I am particularly interested in the green transition. I see the crossroad between academia and business as the playground that can create value for the society, capture value for the industry, and thus altogether drive change.

There are many facets of green transition, and with the emphasis given to sustainability in Denmark, I see the Danish Chapter of the MCAA as a network of members that through our work and position, we can directly or indirectly contribute to that change. I wish to make the Chapter a place where our members can benefit from the network, both socially and professionally. I also see it as a dynamic organisation, where we try to make use of our members' competences and interests, and commonly provide the support our members may need in their professional activities. and the board members will never ask you passwords or other sensitive data. Also you will never receive strange links from them. Please always check the email sender and be careful what URLS you visit.
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