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Grants & Awards

The Grants and Awards Working Group in MCAA recognises and supports its members in their research initiatives and provides financial support in the forms of Grants and Awards. Every year, this Working Group will focus on the shaping and development of the Grant and Award Programme to support selected activities and initiatives of MCAA members. The number of the initiatives to be supported each year will be dependent on the allocated budget.


  • Regularly review call documents, procedures and reporting requirements and provide advice and recommendations for future calls;
  • Consult Grant and Award recipients through follow-up surveys to monitor how useful the grant/award was for their purposes and if they have recommendations for future programmes;
  • Consult MCAA members on what Grant and Award mechanisms would be useful for their career development with attention to different career stages, geographic locations and professions;
  • Gather new ideas for future Grants and Awards programmes from volunteer contributors by collecting best practice examples from different countries.

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