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Polish Chapter

This is a contact point for MCAA members who would like to collaborate with, participate in or manage the Polish Chapter of MCAA.

We warmly welcome all MCAA members that feel affiliated with Poland to join our Chapter!

To contact the Polish Chapter, please send your message to poland.chapter@mariecuriealumni.eu

Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MCAA.Polish.Chapter

Visit our website: http://sites.google.com/view/mcaapoland

Polish Chapter News feed

MCAA networking meeting in Krakow

Dear MCAA Members, we would like to invite you to a local meeting of the MCAA Polish Chapter where we network and get to know each other.

We will exchange our experience about science, funding, collaborations and local activities.

After first event in Warsaw we will have next meeting in Krakow on Thursday, May 25, from 6.00-6.30 p.m, Re Pub Świętego Krzyża 4 street, Kraków We include some sponsored drinks for MCAA members, so please join in!

2nd Polish Chapter Meeting - our main event of 2017 is here!

Dear Members,
the registration for the 2nd Polish Chapter Meeting in Gdańsk is now closed.

The meeting is organized back-to-back with the first event of the MCAA WG Bridging Science and Business, so that you have the exciting opportunity to attend both meetings, which are open and free for all MCAA members.


Sunday, September 10th (Day 0)

16:00 Walking City Tour with a guide

Polish Chapter - plans for the next year and chapter chair

Dear Polish Chapter,

in one week we will meet in Gdańsk to discuss the chapter activities and elect the new chair. Although not all of you will be able to attend, we can involve our whole group in advance here in joint discussions on the Chapter organization and function. In particular, I would like to encourage all of you to:

1. share some ideas for Polish Chapter activites for the next year (Oct 2017-sept 2018)

Welcome to the new Chair!

Dear Chapter Members,

after a great first year with you it was time to step down and let a new leader emerge for the 2017/2018 term. During the 2nd Polish Chapter Meeting this week in Gdańsk, we called for volunteers to lead the Chapter and we held a vote for the new Chair.

I am happy to announce that Rohan Soman was elected as the new Chair of our Polish Chapter and that Michał Karpiński will help with management as the new Vice-Chair.