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In recent days, the whole scientific community and the world were shaken by the fact that unjustified aggression, that war in Europe is possible in the 21st century. We strongly condemn the Russian aggression on Ukraine and violence in general. Our association was and remains a multicultural symbol of unity, inclusion and peace, aimed at fostering the progress of society through education and research.

This tragedy has not only affected the people of Ukraine or those who are physically located in the country. It has also affected many of us who have to face this tragedy from the outside, those who may feel helpless, confused or even ashamed, at the moment. The MCAA strongly believes in freedom, democracy, and support for its members, as well as the free and fair exchange of information, which may not be available to all parties at this time.

That is why we are creating a closed discussion forum dedicated to the ongoing war in Ukraine. This platform is intended to be used as a tool to exchange information and provide support for MCAA members based in Ukraine, members who are originating from Ukraine, MCAA members from neighbouring countries and other members who feel affected or would like to get involved.

Main discussion topics:

·        Supporting those who are struggling to cope with the situation

·        Honest and verified sources of information exchange about the crisis

·        Information about charities, including national refugee-camps near Ukrainian borders

·        Ways to raise awareness about the crisis in the Russian and Belarusian territories

·      No subject is off-limits, as long as it does not conflict with our core values and ground rules (see below)

Ground rules:

·       This is a peaceful platform, not a political forum.

·       Disrespectful or discriminatory comments or expressions of aggression are not welcome

·      Please respect the privacy of the forum: unauthorized re-sharing of any discussion or post is forbidden.

·     We are here to help and support, not to blame. Please respect the fact that the Kremlin's actions do not define the core values of the Russian people. If you do not share these values, please do not join the forum.

·       Violation of the aforementioned rules will lead to exclusion from the group


Membership of the Chapter is free

But we hope you will contribute your energy and enthusiasm to support our activities


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This Webinar, organized by the IGU Commission on the Geography of Governance, explores and discusses the local government system in Ukraine, its formation and reforms after independence, its role in times of war, and its potential role in the post-war recovery. It aims to bring together researchers, geographers and other social scientists, working on these issues, and the wider public - citizens, policy makers and other stakeholders - in Ukraine and in other countries around the globe. Monday, 6 June 2022 12:00 - 16:30 GMT Participation is free and open to the public. All information (program, abstracts ...) here: Registration here:

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