Data Analysis and Visualization in R

This is an online introduction to R designed for participants with no programming experience. They start with some basic information about R syntax, the RStudio interface, and move through how to import CSV files, the structure of data frames, how to deal with factors, how to add/remove rows and columns, how to calculate summary statistics from a data frame, and a brief introduction to plotting. The last lesson demonstrates how to work with databases directly from R.

This lesson assumes no prior knowledge of R or RStudio and no programming experience.


Course Outline

  • Introduction R/RStudio
  • Starting with data
  • Data manipulation using dplyr and tidyr
  • Data visualization with ggplot2
  • R and SQL

Course Requirement

You will need a computer with course access (to install R before attending the course)

You will receive a certificate of completion for the course.

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