Webinar: Tips And Tricks For Risk Management

Co-hosted by the EARMA Post Award Project Management Thematic Group and the MCAA Project Management Working Group.

11:00 – Welcome & Introduction, Pauline Rasera (RMIT Europe)
11:05 – Speaker 1, Irène Arrata, National Institute for Health and Medical Research (Inserm)
11:20 – Speaker 2, Leah Wren, Queen Mary University
11:35 – Discussion, Q&A
11:50 – Conclusion and upcoming events

About the event:
When does Risk Management on research grants start? Depending on your role and how the institution is set up, you might start at the proposal stage, where a key component involves brainstorming and assessing the risks that may impact project success. Depending on the type of research you might have internal requirements that have to be followed when assessing the project application. This usually is followed by partner selection and many other steps on a post award level. As project managers and staff working with research grants, we often do risk assessments without even knowing we are doing them! Often enough we stay in front of the question where we decide “do I flag this issue to the PI/ line manager or can I resolve this without an issue?”

To help with all the different risk analysis situations we are potentially involved in during a research grant cycle, the two systematic groups PAPM TG and MCAA RM have set up a 1 hour event with two amazing presentations on risk management, followed by an open discussion for questions and experience sharing. The first presentation will focus on defining Risk Management and explaining Risk Management methodologies with examples. The second presentation involves a Higher Education Institution experience working with high risk countries and what steps have been set up internally to minimise risk on financial losses.

Date: Monday, 4 December, 11:00 - 12:00 CET

Zoom link: https://syddanskuni.zoom.us/j/68886044157

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