Luisa Corrado

Career Award 2019

Luisa Corrado

Professor of Economics at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy

Awarded the Marie-Curie Excellence Award 2007 from the European Commission for Research in Social Science. Her research is featured in the final report for the 6th Framework Programme by the European Commission as one of the 30 most successful Marie-Curie projects -over 14.500 funded in the years 2003-2012.

Praveen Kumar

Social Impact Award 2019

Praveen Kumar

Assistant Professor | Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata-700032, India

Dr. Kumar’s research contribution covers a broad spectrum of Materials Science and Engineering including III-V semiconductors, 2D-Materials, MXenes, Carbon Nanostructures, etc, for various energy harvesting (PEC water splitting, CO2 reduction, Broadband photodetectors) & storage (Supercapacitors) applications.

Gabor Kismihok

Outstanding Contributor Award 2019

Gábor Kismihók

Head of Learning and Skills Analytics Research Group at TIB Hannover, Germany

Gábor’s work focuses on innvotive technologies to reform our educational systems. Besides, as the chair of the Researcher Mental Health COST Action, he is a well known advocate of sustainable research careers and training.

Daniele Cataluci

Best Innovator Award 2019

Daniele Catalucci

Principal Investigator at the National Research Council (CNR) and Humanitas Research Hospital, Italy

Molecular biologist, awarded the 2019 MCAA Best Innovator for his innovative and unconventional therapeutic approach for the treatment of failing heart, which could revolutionize the treatment of cardiac diseases.


Anton Zeilinger honorary member

Honorary Recognition 2018

Anton Zeilinger

Professor of Physics University of Wien

Quantum physicist, awarded the 2008 Inaugural Isaac Newton Medal of the Institute of Physics (UK) for "his pioneering conceptual and experimental contributions to the foundations of quantum physics, which have become the cornerstone for the rapidly-evolving field of quantum information"

Therese Lindahl

Honorary Recognition 2018

Therese Lindahl

Austrian Research Promotion Agency

Lecturer at the Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Vienna, with a seminar on third party research funding and EU policies. Previous duties include EURAXESS, and several MSCA NCP projects, and Therese is currently task leader for Net4Mobility+.

Lil Reif

Honorary Recognition 2018

Lil Reif

Austrian Research Promotion Agency

Studied Russian, Portuguese and Law and graduated in translation studies from Humboldt University. In 2005, Lil was a lecturer at Ventspils University College, with a fellowship from the Robert Bosch Foundation.

Honorary Recognition 2018

Gareth O’Neill

President Eurodoc

Involved in the Dutch National Plan for Open Science, he is an expert on Intersectoral Mobility and Open Science for the European Commission.

Stefka Fidanova

Career Award 2018

Stefka Fidanova

Professor Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Bulgaria

Her work has contributed in both scientific and application perspective with over 150 scientific works (including one book) and 8 edited books in the optimisation and mathematical modelling field (about 700 citations).

Pavlo Bazilinskyy

Best Innovator Award 2018

Pavlo Bazilinskyy

PhD researcher at TU Delft

Focused on solving Human factors challenges of highly automated driving, by understanding the requirements of the end users of automated vehicles: common people.

Francisco Valente Gonçalves

Social Impact Award 2018

Francisco Valente Gonçalves

Forensic and clinical psychologist, Co-Founder Plataform RUMO Portugal

He is the co-founder of RUMO, an organization that provides mental health services through an online end-to-end encrypted platform.

Fernanda Bajanca

Outstanding Contributor Award 2018

Fernanda Bajanca

Research Associate Centre de Biologie du Développement,Toulouse

She became the Chair of the Policy WG, giving a voice to MCAA members regarding the European science policy.



Honorary Recognition 2017

Bernard L. Feringa

Academy Professor at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences, Netherlands Nobel Prize winner

Ben Feringa has devoted years to research, areas including stereochemistry, organic synthesis, asymmetric catalysis, molecular switches and motors, self-assembly, molecular nanosystems and photopharmacology.


Honorary Recognition 2017

EURAXESS Worldwide

An EC-funded organisation supporting internationally-mobile researchers, with which the MCAA has an excellent working partnership at various levels.

Awarding Euraxess Worldwide honorary membership of MCAA as a legal person means that all Euraxess Worldwide coordinators can register as members of MCAA.

An Jansen

Honorary Recognition 2017

An Jansen

Research Policy Adviser at KU Leuven, Belgium .

The Board have granted Honorary Membership of MCAA to Ana for her outstanding support to the organization of our General Assembly in Leuven.

Kiran Kumar Chereddy

Outstanding Contributor Award 2017

Kiran Kumar Chereddy

Manager in Strategy and Project Management Office at Novartis Pharma AG, Switzerland, and MCAA Treasurer

He has been a key member of MCAA from its very start and has played a pivotal role in the success and growth of the association.

João Pedro Magalhães

Career Award 2017

João Pedro Magalhães

Associate Professor at the University of Liverpool, UK

João Pedro Magalhães is an outstanding researcher in the genomics field; in a broader context contributing to the battle of humankind against the aging phenomenon.

Meital Reches

Best Innovator Award 2017

Meital Reches

Associate Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Meital Reches is an Associate Professor that some years ago, presented a novel approach to fight the undesirable accumulation of organisms on a surface.

Tina Magazzini

Social Impact Award 2017

Tina Magazzini

Junior Researcher at the University of Deusto, Spain

Tina Magazzini is a Migration Programme Officer at the UNESCO Regional Office for Southern Africa and is also finishing her PhD in Human Rights at the University of Deusto in Bilbao as an Early Stage Researcher in an MSCA Initial Training Network.



Outstanding Contributor Award 2016

Ms Giovanna Avellis

Senior Researcher in ICT, Consultancy and Assistance Division of InnovaPuglia, TECNOPOLIS, Valenzano, Bari, Italy. 

Chair of the Gender Equality for Mobile Researchers in Science


Career Award 2016

Prof Gozde Unal

Associate Professor at Istanbul Technical University, Turkey. 


Honorary Recognition 2016

Mr Dario Pellizzon

Head of the Research Office at Ca' Foscari University of Venice, Italy.



Career Award 2015

Dr Ira Didenkulova

Dr Ira Didenkulova presents the profile of a devoted and talented researcher who has made major contributions not only to her scientific area (oceanography specialising in sea and coastal hazards) but has also been a role model for younger generations of scientists, especially women. Dr Ira Didenkulova is able to reach outstanding achievements in her country as well as abroad. The field of studies concerns hazards; as such it can reach interdisciplinary audiences.


Alumni of the Year 2015

Dr Brian Cahill

For his outstanding and exemplary contributions and leadership of the German Chapter and his contributions to the entire MCAA community.



Career Award 2014

Dr. Juan Blanco

A researcher in the field of forest ecology whose work has a strong societal impact both in developed and developing countries. Concerned to make his research results valuable for society and various stakeholders in his field, Juan is highly committed to share the knowledge and the results of his research activities with the wider community, especially with young researchers from developing countries.


Alumni of the Year 2014

Mostafa Moonir Shawrav

With a successful international career as a researcher in the field of nanotechnologies, Mostafa is also engaged in his research community through its commitment to the IEEE. By participating to the founding of the Austrian chapter of the MCAA, he clearly shows a commitment to promote the Marie Curie fellows and programmes.