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Hello! At our last Chapter Meeting we decided to bid to organize the 2021 MCAA General Assembly in Warsaw. I submitted the bid in December. Now I have just heard back from MCAA that we are to present our bid to MCAA board.

We are exepected to deliver a focused 15 min. presentation on some to-be-decided date between 26 Feb (yes, this coming Wednesday!) and 6 March. We need to gather some important bits of information for the presentation, including solid budgetary estimates

I now need your help in gathering information and preparing the presentation! You'll find a list of tasks below. If you're able to take care of an item/items from the list please let me know ASAP, but no later than by 8 pm today (in a comment / by PM/ email). We need to finish gathering information by Tuesday, so that we can finalize the presentation on Wednesday morning. 

Things to do/info needed:

 1. No of parallel session rooms, capacity of the parallel session rooms (I need 1-2 people to visit the venue at UW Main Campus with me on Mon/Tue) 

2.Catering Cost (Main event + Networking event)

3. Any other cost mentioned during the bid

4. Any possible partnership/offered support (Financial + in kind contributions) - we have almost no information on this at the moment! 

5. Support from Government and other organization - we have almost no information on this at the moment! 

6. Number of active members residing in the city of the venue, Number of active members who are willing to help for the GA organization

7. Prepare slides, including some nice materials about Warsaw and Warsaw research community

We already have a lot of information in our bid document and some other supporting documents. You can find them in this Google Drive folder. (All budget figures are very preliminary.) You'll need to request access to it. Please indicate your name/MCAA login name in the request message.

I'll send futher messages today evening, So now, all hands on board and we will make it!