And the WINNER of the 1st SHORT POETRY CONTEST MCAA Spain-Portugal Chapter "LOVE TO SCIENCE" is...



with the Poem "SIT WITH THE SCIENCE" 


 When they beckon “follow the science!”

I wonder where or what they expect to reach?

Can those pedestalled experts track and quantify the beast,

hold up the neat beacon, and promulgate the

live feed of that pied piper whose tune resists cynosure?


Perhaps I’m just too dense to follow the methodological lead…

The suspect always seems to backtrack from the weary spotlight

and crumble into cosmic dust, leaving me to jam

this bulging, hairy toe into that baby shoe smallness of truth


What if, instead of following, we might sit with the science?

Sit with those camping on the floor of their labs, terrified by the

clarity of their outcomes,

Sit with those feeling broken, having just awoken from a dream

splintered by acceptance without revisions,

Sit with those whose pupils have mimicked their reactions’

billowing patterns ranging the circumference of the dish and doubling back,

Sit with the ones who exist fully within and between home and biome,

With those who can exhale accelerant and inhale the baffling stain,

Sit with the one who felt that electric jolt of recognition between the pinpoint specific magnetic resonant image on the screen and the neurons firing a possibly-not-until-this-moment-occurred-in-human-consciousness thought through her brain

We rise, theorize, follow, test, fail, and repeat, but when we are weary of following,  

Let us sit with the science, sit to connect with those who have already, even if unconsciously, arrived