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Dear Marie-Curie Fellows,


I want to ask for your help.

I’m an ERC stationed in Rome, so, long story short – my work plan (as plans of many others ERCs) got severely disrupted by the COVID-outbreak. And my contract ends in like two months.

Ok, what I’m trying to understand – is how this is handled in other ITNs. There is not a lot of information out there on what are the guidelines from ERA on how to handle this. The best thing I’ve found is:




In brief it says that 1. The projects are extendable, but 2. the maximum grant amount remains the same 3. However, the beneficiaries may allocate some amounts from research, training and networking unit costs to maintain the salary of the researchers.

I tried to talk about this with our project coordinator, but he replied that the salary budget is a way larger than training budget, and, thus, he doesn’t believe “it will take me far”. My impression is, however, that at least 50% of that budget should have been left (which is a big sum!).


So, I wonder which practice is undertaken in other consortiums? Is someone out there following this path and how is it implemented? Knowing of any cases out there – would help me a lot!


Thank you!