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Dear Austrian chapter elites,

People development is extremely important for the long-term and sustainable success of the Austrian chapter.

Therefore, MCA3C would love to give a unique opportunity that empowers you to grow on your own and allows you to develop your own leadership skills so that you can prepare yourself for a leadership position.


We want to put power in your hands. We’d like to empower every each you to lead by including you in the managerial process, allowing you to partake in key decisions. 

There exist plenty of tasks that we currently work on them in the chapter (such as the career day event, MCA3C blog, training, external collaborations and partnerships, and so on) that you can naturally take the lead and develop these tasks in a small team. You can even develop new ideas.

On the same side, MCA3A will benefit from it by effective production of your great work that grows exponentially to infinity. Moreover, this process creates fellow leaders who can act autonomously and lead the MCA3C in the next run of the management team in 2020.

I hope this unique opportunity creates the momentum and grabs your attention. So, if you’re interested in examining and developing your managerial and leadership skills in the stage that MCA3C provides, send us simply an email to austria.chapter@mariecuriealumni.eu

Looking forward to hearing from you and btw I wish you a strong start for the year 2019.

Best wishes,