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Dear Chapter members, I am looking forward to see you at our chapter board meeting this Sunday at 9h30 am. You can find the agenda in attachement. For the election of the new chapter board members these are the following procedures: 1)The Chair asks current Chapter members for volunteers to come forward - this was done via MCAA portal with deadline on 26th Jan 2018. 2) If there are two or more candidates​ the winner is declared on the basis of the votes cast.​ The formal 'quorum' for a Chapter election is five Chapter members. We will hold the election by show of hands on Sunday. There will be a member of the contractor team to can spare act as neutral observer to the election. 3) The candidates are: Chair: Anupam Yadav (KULeuven), Pavlo Bazilinskyy (TUDelft); Vice-Chair: Esther Volz (TUDelft). 4) We still need volunteers for Secretary and Activities Coordinator positions! Regarding lunch following the meeting, I have booked a restaurant in the center for joint lunch with Spain-Portugal and France Chapters. I would like to ask you to please choose your meal option and inform me by tomorrow of what you want to eat, so I can tell the restaurant. Food options: Belgian steak with fries 19,00€ Spagethi bolognaise 13,90€ Salmon with bearnaise sauce 19,90€ Vegetarian option: vegetarian pasta or vegetarian burger 16,90€. ​Thank you very much! Rita.