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Ivana Diaz Fernández's picture

Dear all,


after all the drama and missinformation - not inclusion of transparency and mistakes by the previous Chair of MCAA as he personally admited the elections are over.

I am personally happy that this year it did not happened like last time that all the candidates grouped as "Mission 2020" got the positions. I have personally due this made some abstinence in voting for solo candidates (hopefully next time this will be regulated and forbidden - the propaganda of a group). 

To be focused about the current situation:

Is it possible to have visible the results/number of votes for each candidate now that we have a New Board and to explain to us why do we have 2 Vice-Chairs?

Also, it is finally possible to have some written explanation why some candidates could group as a party (like the Mission 2020 two years ago) so we can avoid similar scenarios in the future?


Thank you and take care in this very dangerous times!


Kind regards from Madrid.