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Dear German Chapter members,      

We invite any member of the German Chapter as of the date of this call who is willing to devote the necessary time and enthusiasm to take over the management of this Chapter, to volunteer as candidate for the German Chapter Chair position.

This position is not merely honorary, but requires a real contribution of time and effort to organise the Chapter activities. The Chair should also engage other Chapter members to get involved in Chapter management and planning. Responsibilities include:

  • Chapter Annual Plan of Activities
  • Chapter mid-term and annual report
  • Management of Chapter budget
  • Chair the chapter board, keep chapter board updated on MCAA issues and organise board meetings
  • Organise events and communicate with the local chapter groups in different German states
  • Communication with the MCAA Board
  • External representation of MCAA in the Chapter geographical area
  • Organsation of two Chapter meetings per year
  • Chapter member engagement
  • Fundraising and Sponsorship

Candidates for Chapter Chair should be regularly residing in the region of the Chapter. Waiving of this rule is at the discretion of the MCAA Ex-Com upon request.

One person cannot be the Chair / Vice-chair of more than one Chapter or Working-Group. If a current Chair of either runs for this position and wins, they must resign their current Chair position.

As per the MCAA statutes, the Chapter Chair is an ex-oficio (i.e., non-voting) member of the MCAA Board. He can take part online in all MCAA Board meetings and will be invited to join the MCAA Board meeting in conjunction with the MCAA General Assembly each year.

Any volunteer should send an e-mail to contact@mariecuriealumni.eu by midnight, 15th May 2020 CET.


If there is only one candidate for this position, no election will be necessary, and the ExCom will declare this candidate the new Chair.

If there are two or more candidates, an online poll will be organised to allow German Chapter members to elect their new Chair amongst these volunteers.

If there are no candidates by the above deadline, the MCAA Executive Committee reserves the right to close the Chapter altogether.

For further details concerning this Call and the Chapter’s management, you can contact the current Chair, Marina Rantanen (email address: marina.m.rantanen@gmail.com), and read the information available at: 

Finally, we sincerely thank Marina Rantanen for the service provided the past years as Chair of the Chapter.


Best regards,

The MCAA Team