Call for Trainers: MSCA NCP Training in MSCA Reporting


Dear MSCA Fellows and Beneficiaries,

In the frame of the MSCA NCP project Net4Mobility+, we are organising in Timisoara, on the 24-25 of June 2019, a training for MSCA NCPs regarding MSCA reporting. We are delighted to invite MSCA Fellows & Beneficiaries, who can share their experience with the MSCA NCPs network. You will have the opportunity to meet a part of our network from different countries and continents (20-30 participants), to share your knowledge and exchange suggestions regarding the improvement of the MSCA actions. You expenses will be supported under the N4M+ project.

We would be so delighted to meet you!

Please send your expression of interest and questions to email , preferably before the 15th of April.

Thank you!

Best regards,

Corina Abraham-Barna

MSCA NCP Romania